The Billericay Round Table

Fireworks - Saturday 5th November 2022

There’s never a dull moment as a member of Billericay Round Table.

We usually meet twice a month, with a varying social calendar that tends to revolve around having a beer with the lads and doing something you wouldn’t normally do. We have been paint-balling, mountain-biking, had a tour of a local brewery, a Wii Olympics night, dinner at the Houses of Parliament, clay pigeon shooting, sea fishing, go-karting, raft building, had a “cook your own curry” night and a whole heap of other events.

We also try to include partners and family on a number of events each year – we have the annual camping weekend at Thriftwood Scout camp which regularly attracts 60-70 people, including wives and kids; there’s a Ladies Night in March every year where we all get togged up and have a black-tie “do” with a nice meal and entertainment; we also have “progressive supper” nights with a three-course meal spread over three different venues, often with the hosts having the surprise of not knowing who their guests will be until they arrive!

The emphasis is always on having fun and we try to keep things fresh by encouraging newer members to get involved and come up with different ideas for events.

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